Once developed from a beer idea and intended for friends, the STREETBELT.CH with its old hydrant number developed into a sought-after brand name and the foundation of a company.

In 2006, a friend had the idea to build a table out of a disused fire hydrant. Since the sign on his hydrant was missing and they were working on hydrants at the Hessstrasse in Köniz near Bern Switzerland, he asked if they could give him some old signs. While the signs were being cleaned, Hansjörg Kühni stopped by his shop. During a cosy conversation and a beer, the idea arose to use the numbers as a belt buckle. A few days later and with Kühnis old military belt in their luggage, they screwed the first belt together – the STREETBELT.CH was born.

The friends noticed this special and unique belt positively and the demand for the STREETBELT.CH became ever larger, so that on 1 April 2008 even a share company (Street Tools AG) was created with the goal of creating and producing unique products in Swiss top quality. In the beautiful Berner Matten Quartier a studio was rented in which the belts were assembled by hand. However, this studio was already too small after a short time and we moved to the Lorraine, which was also too small without further ado – Since 01 July 2011 STREETBELT.CH belongs to the vonRoll infratec group, where the belts are distributed via the FORUM1291.CH online portal.

The products and product parts of the label STREETBELT.CH are 100% manufactured in Switzerland.

It is important to know about the company history and the product that if the STEMPEL of vonRoll or STREETBELT.CH is not visible on it, it is a copy. STREETBELT.CH still gets belts in repair which are not from us. We thank our fan community for their loyalty and are looking forward to further new ideas and creations.

Hansjörg Joshi Kühni – Inventor STREETBELT.CH & Member of the Board of Directors FORUM1291 AG